JMicron Technology Corporation is an industry-leading IC company specializing in designing high-speed data and signal interfaces, such as USB3.1 Gen 2 10Gbps, PCIe Gen 3 8Gbps, and SATA Gen 3 6Gbps to connect them to USB to single- or dual-SATA bridges, or SATA to SATA port multipliers.

JMicron’s diverse peripheral device product portfolio ranges from USB 3.1 Gen 2, USB 3.1 Gen 1, and USB 2.0 to Firewire enables a full spectrum of external data storage product lines. They include single, dual, and multiple bays hard disks, Blu-ray DVD/CD players, and Network Access Storage (NAS) devices with RAID functionality.


From JMicron

JMicron USB 3.2 Gen2 microSD Express*
Card Reader Prototype

From Western Digital

SanDisk microD Express* Performance
on Windows 10 PC

What is microSD express?

The SD Association’s specifications SD7.0 expands the possibilities of traditional SD memory cards. SD Express revolutionizes SD technology by using PCIe™ and NVMe™ interfaces to obtain performance levels that will propel the innovation of devices for years to come.

microSD Express, introduced with SD7.1, uses the common PCIe interface and delivers a theoretical max of 985 MB/s data transfer rate. The NVMe upper layer protocol enables advanced memory access mechanism, enabling a new world of opportunities for mobile devices.


How it works ?

Western Digital and JMicron’s joint demo is showing a SanDisk® microSD Express Demo card running on a JMicron® USB 3.2 Gen2 microSD Express Card Reader. The card reader solution is designed to meet the SD7.1 specification. This product can deliver up to 985MB/s data transfer speed with microSD Express card.


Use Case

microSD Express enables speeds necessary to transfer large amounts of information generated by data-intensive wireless communication, applications running on cards and mobile computing devices, evolving gaming systems, multi-channel IoT devices, numerous automotive uses, high resolution mobile videos, action cameras, 360-degree videos, VR, and more.


JMicron Company Profile


JMicron Product Brief of microSD Express Card Reader


Computex 2019: microSD Express and JMicron Card Reader Demo


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