Data I/O Corporation (NASDAQ: DAIO) is the world's leading provider of programming solutions for Flash, microcontroller and Secure Elements for electronics manufacturers servicing the automotive, IoT, IIoT, industrial controls, medical and consumer markets.

Data I/O's Lumen®X programming technology combined with our PSV programming sytems enables customers to program the latest embedded eMMC and UFS  Flash memory at ultra-fast programming speeds with the highest quality and lowest total cost.


Product Overview

Lumen®X programming technology and PSV programming systems

Data I/O’s LumenX programmer is used to load a customer’s data file (ex. automotive advanced in-vehicle  IVI system, navigation map, boot code etc.) into the embedded Flash device during the manufacturing process for the end application.  Each LumenX can program up to 8 embedded flash devices in parallel at a time.  The LumenX programmer can be used as a stand-alone manual programmer for NPI and First Article runs or integrated into Data I/O’s PSV7000 or PSV5000 automated programming system for volume production.


How it works ?


The LumenX programmer can support virtually any Western Digital embedded Flash memory device at maximum programming speeds.  LumenX supports:

  • eMMC 4.1 – 5.1, UFS 2.0 and 3.0, SD devices including the latest Western Digital iNAND AT EU312 EFD and iNAND® IX EM132 EFD
  • Programming performance up to 160 MBytes/sec
  • Download speed up to 50 MBytes/second
  • Large image file supports up to 256GB and extensible up to 512GB

The PSV7000 automated programming system supports up to 14 LumenX programmers per system enabling customers to program up to 112 embedded Flash devices simultaneously for maximum production throughput


Use Case

Automotive electronics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) power mission critical application.  A high-quality storage solution combined with a high-quality and high speed programming process for these devices during manufacturing is a critical to the overall performance of the applications.  Data I/O partners with Western Digital to support the latest embedded Flash devces on our LumenX® programming platform to deliver a high-endurance, reliable storage needed to ensure proper operation of mission-critical products.  

With over 250 PSV automated programming systems installed globally, Data I/O has the expertise that electronics manufacturers can rely on to support their new designs in production. Western Digital, with its leadership in data storage technology, has long been at the forefront of game-changing innovations. Together, Data I/O and Western Digital will transform how customers take their new designs into production securely, seamlessly and swiftly.


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