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Embedded World, 27 Feb 2018, Germany

February 27 - March 01
Nuremberg, Germany

At the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre the focus will be again on all things embedded systems: the embedded community comes together here in annual rotation at the embedded world Exhibition & Conference.


To make an appointment, please contact : OEMProducts@WDC.com

Embedded World 2018 Invite

Featured Products

iNAND 7250 Industrial

The new iNAND 7250 e.MMC Embedded Flash Drive for Industrial is designed and tested to withstand demanding environmental conditions. This industrial grade embedded flash drive features advanced flash memory management firmware to provide enhanced power immunity, ECC, wear leveling, and bad block management.

Reliable Storage at the Edge of a Connected World

The rapid evolution of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating new opportunities and business models around the world. With reliable and always available local storage, Edge and Fog computing have the unequivocal advantage of being able to analyze data locally, which resolves many of these critical issues.

X600 3D NAND

Ready to tackle any high-performance computing, embedded IoT, or industrial application, the SanDisk X600 SATA SSD is built on 64-layer 3D NAND technology and offers high capacity and enhanced reliability at blazing speeds.


Storage at the Edge of Surveillance

The number of connected devices is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years. Some of these devices generate small...

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Driving toward Autonomy: Introducing the iNAND® 7250A for Connected and Self-Driving Cars

The autonomous car for every citizen is closer than we think. As we celebrate the 90th anniversary of mass-produced cars...

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Flash Storage Driving Connected Cars to an Autonomous Future

What's Driving Driverless Cars: Data

Powering IoT Connectivity with SanDisk SSDs



White Paper: E.MMC Security Methods

e.MMC devices contain multiple data protection and security features. These features have evolved over the years and continue to improve with each version of the e.MMC specification. This paper aims to better explain the capabilities of the e.MMC devices and how to use them in the overall system design to make products more secured in terms confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Please email OEMProducts@WDC.com for any questions you may have.

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WHITE PAPER: Flash101 Management

Need a quick primer on NAND Flash technology and the management techniques that can ensure performance and longevity? This is the paper you want to read.

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