Autotech - Connected cars and the passenger economy, Apr 11, Milpitas USA

April 11 - April 11
Milpitas, United States

From connected cars to autonomous driving, Western Digital has a complete portfolio of storage solutions to enable current and future vehicle system requirements. Join Connected Cars and the Passenger Economy, hosted by Western Digital and produced by Autotech Council and Telecom Council, to meet with industry visionaries who are driving the innovation. The full day agenda will cover topics from the passenger economy, the future of mobility services, to the changes autonomy may impose on transportation, infrastructure and passengers.

Event Location 

Western Digital
1051 SanDisk Drive, Building 2, Milpitas, CA 95035, USA

Date and Time

Thursday, April 11, 2019
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Event Agenda

Morning Session

Innovating for Passengers

Autonomous Vehicle (AV) is a very interesting topic with a lot of cutting edge technology, where bets will be made, and fortunes won and lost. And though Autotech Council will continue to follow the innovation that will make AV a reality - sensors required to make the cars self-drive, the computers to run the software, the AI to replace the human driver, systems to make them safe, HD mapping, testing, regulatory compliance, and more - today's meeting is not about self-driving tech.

This session focuses on the new apps, services, commerce and technology that will emerge BECAUSE of the AV. The effect as opposed to the cause. AVs are likely to change the way we use transportation, both inside and outside the vehicle. So, this AV meeting is about services and solutions for the AV world:

  1. In-car infotainment
  2. New interior design
  3. Radical exterior design (Pods, smaller, bigger, ?)
  4. Seating
  5. Ownership, XaaS
  6. Insurance
  7. Retail during mobility (riding in a 7-11 bus)
  8. Multi-modality systems
  9. Urban Planning (ex: planning space for pickup/dropoff, dedicated lanes, new rules of the road)
  10. AV servicing (recharge, cleaning, maintenance)


Afternoon Session

Connecting Passengers, Cars, and Infrastructure to Services

A critical element in the passenger economy is connectivity. What gets connected? Who is connected? Who are the subscribers and what are they paying for?

Autotech Council, Telecom Council and IoT Forum members and guests will discuss the questions that still exist, and therefore the opportunities available for innovation, around the passenger economy – including the type of connections, the responsibility for securing those connections, and subscription models that may be part of the connected vehicle and connected passengers.

In particular, we expect to hear thoughts and ideas on:

  1. C-V2X
  2. V2I, V2X
  3. Phone-car integrations
  4. Connectivity solutions, pricing, technology, models
  5. Cloud Services
  6. In-car infotainment
  7. Entertainment continuity(car/phone/home)
  8. The car as one element in a connected lifestyle
  9. Voice assistants

Featured Videos

Video: Flash Storage Driving Connected Cars to an Autonomous Future




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The 3D NAND Revolution

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