IFsec Surveillance, 20 June 2017, London UK

June 20 - June 23
London, United Kingdom


Thank you for visiting SanDisk and WD at IFsec! We hope you enjoyed the videos, the demos, the product showcase, and, of course, meeting the teams. If you’d like to revisit memories of the show, click through the following

Presentation : Choosing an effective storage system for Drones
Jul 8, 2017

Choosing an effective storage system for Drones

Presentation by ZivPaz
Director of Product Marketing
Embedded Solutions

Featured Products

edge : Edge Storage for Surveillance Camera Systems


  • Surveillance systems w/ <8 channels (ex: SMB, SOHO)
  • Systems where bandwidth is limited, unstable, and/or expensive
  • Low power systems (ex: battery/solar operated systems)
  • Fail-safe storage for mission critical Deployments

Business Benefits

  • Optimize bandwidth usage
  • Eliminate network dependeny
  • Enable real-time, local compute/analysis
  • Improve analytics response time
  • Provide a fail-safe in hybrid systems


Capture : WD PURPLE™ Surveillance Hard Drives

WD Purple™ drives are built for 24/7, always-on, high-definition security systems. With a supported workload rate of up to 180 TB/yr and support for up to 64 cameras, WD Purple™ drives are optimized for surveillance systems. WD Purple™ surveillance storage also comes with WD’s exclusive AllFrame 4K™ technology – which helps reduce errors, pixelation, and video interruptions – so you can confidently create a security system tailored to the needs of your business.


Core : WD GOLD™ Datecenter Hard Drives

WD Gold™ hard drives feature up to ten times the workload rating of desktop drives and employ advanced technologies for enterprise-class reliability, power efficiency and performance. Designed from the ground up to be an ultra-robust storage device, WD Gold™ drives are the perfect solution for video analytics servers and large-scale back-end surveillance video storage.




The Race for Mobility v7

DRONE SHOTS with microSD

A Day with Flash for Industrial/IoT


If you think higher capacity TLC NAND storage is making it only into the $500+ premium tier phones, think again. Better yet, download and read the new white paper from Counterpoint Research. OEMS are increasingly incorporating high capacity TLC NAND into phones designed for the midrange and sub -$150 tiers. What we’re going to be seeing in the top-tier phones starting in 2017, however, are even higher capacity storage systems based on 3D TLC NAND technology.

Download the new Counterpoint white paper and learn why